Live your dreams
while staying awake.

Ursula's dreams are about magical worlds with different laws of physics, where fish fly between the clouds and crystal mountains radiate aurora lights from within, while people cook and eat at the foot of the glowing glaciers.

Hotels floating in the sky where they serve a buffet of extravagant sushi with endless bridges that cross each other, opening paths between clouds and flying rivers.

A whole town with cute little houses stuck on a cliff, connected by long staircases adorned with flowers and a library she visited.

Being a fish dazed with the essences of the plant that grows on the head of the totem standing in the middle of the pond she calls home, where she dances and leaves glowing colours behind her underwater movements.

What do YOU dream about?

We strongly believe in:


Every single piece of our jewelry is handmade in Vienna, Austria.

From creative concept to prototype – and to final shape.


All materials we use are from certified, sustainable, eco-friendly, fair & conflict-free chains of supply.


if you want your piece of jewelry custom-designed and imagined by Ursula Rivera – don't hesitate to contact us!