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Ursula Rivera

Ursula was born and grew up in Mexico City. She studied drawing in her early life and continued her art education, where she learned classic animation. Later on she studied sculpture techniques until she moved to Austria, where she studied Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
Being creative throughout her life – where does all her inspiration come from?

One could say that Ursula's creativity and highly active imagination are a result of her peculiar childhood. 

The first half of it she was raised by her mother — together with her two sisters — wearing neat dresses, hats, handbags and jewelry for which they were taught to look after and take responsibility for. 

Her mother – as a single mother of three girls – was extremely apprehensive of their well being and wouldn't allow them to play tough, get dirty, climb trees, etc. They would spend the days making dolls, plushies, painting porcelain, drawing and handcrafting. Having family meetings at night, reading criminal novels with her sisters, watching horror movies and playing video games.

Sometime in the middle of her childhood, her father took over. In contrast to her mother's artistic soul her father is a scientist. They spent long hours playing in the mud, building paper towns in the garage and turning them on fire before splashing it all with the toy fire truck connected to the garden hose.

They watched forensic documentaries and read 1001 nights and greek mythology as bedtime stories. Her crafting material became the tiny electronic spare parts she found in her dad's study. 

In her teenage-hood Ursula learned the enticing art of lucid dreaming and with a lot of practice and 14 hours of sleep every day she mastered it!

She dreams about magical worlds with different laws of physics, where fish fly between the clouds and crystal mountains expire aurora lights from within while people cook and eat at the foot of the glowing glaciers.

Castles floating in the sky where they serve a buffet of extravagant sushi, with endless bridges that cross each-other, opening paths between clouds and flying rivers.

A whole town with cute little houses stuck on a cliff connected by long staircases adorned with flowers and a library she visited.

Being a fish dazed with the essences of the plant that grows on the head of the totem standing in the middle of the pond she calls home, where she dances and leaves glowing colours behind her underwater movements.

Riding a floating bike over a Coliseum-like castle on the sea, whales live and sing in the centre of it.

And every night is a fairytale.

In an attempt to bring what she has seen while abroad in those worlds, she creates jewelry and hopes to inspire you to wear a piece of your soul as well. 

If we don't have a piece that represents your own dreams yet, contact the artist and create together that reverie you look forward to materialize!