Custom Dreams Jewelry © – by Ursula Rivera

If you would like to have a design that has been made by me in the past don't hesitate to write me a message!

- All of my pieces are 100% handmade and I cannot replicate anything exactly identical, I am not a machine. All my stones are hand cut and unique so I can't promise a duplicate of a piece you have seen but I'll do my best at making a gorgeous and perfect jewelry piece that resembles the design you are in love with as much as possible.

-I will give you the best options (videos and photos of similar stones so you can choose) from my stone stash to reproduce a similar composition to the piece you like.

-Please be sure you want a piece when you request it. The payment will have to be made up front. From the moment you request a custom-made piece, I am already investing my time, work and resources.

- After the payment I will agree with you on a composition after the chosen design, stone and a sketch. After said agreement, zero changes to the piece are included in the price. (the silver and precious metals will be sawn, cast and prepared so I cannot afford to waste such pricy materials.

 Thank you so much for your understanding 💕

Request your treasure: