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This ring is made of sterling and fine silver and 100% by hand.
Each swirl was hand sawn, shaped and soldered for a very intricate design inspired by the gorgeous Larimar that it's featuring. 
The deer was designed and hand carved on wax by me (No 3D printer was used)
It features a sky blue triangular shaped stunning Larimar.
Aren’t gemstones pure magic?

The thought of elements creating amazing colours, patterns and shapes that are solidified and by the intervention of heat and pressure; making such elements to "dance" in pure harmony and symmetry and thus creating crystals and beautiful masterpieces of rocks and minerals is deeply inspiring. 
All the shapes and all the colours we can imagine, exist!

It just leaves me breathless to be able to wear that magic; Earth magic. Making it into beautiful pieces of jewelry and into art that we can wear. 

On the left side I added little elements that to me, represent air, to the right, water.
The deer is earth and the stone is "Life": the "fusion" of elements.

All jewelry is made by hand by me. 
Everything is made with precious and semiprecious metals, mostly with natural gemstones and minerals unless otherwise stated.

To care for your jewelry, remove it before showering, swimming, exercising, putting on lotion, etc. Best to keep it in its original box when it is not being worn.

I believe in the highest quality materials and manufacture, my pieces are meant to last! 💕